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Since 1994, Freida B* has been creating fashionable custom figure skating apparel for skaters of all ages, from beginners and recreational to the elite competitor.  Our experience includes designing for solo freestyle skaters, pairs teams, ice dancers, roller skaters, and even ballroom.  All of our garments have a superior fit, to ensure each skater looks and feels great.  Our designs have been featured on national television, traveled to international competitions, and purchased world-wide.

***Latin Ballroom dress (shown in video and photos) was created and designed by Freida B* and was a selected finalist for the 2019 Sparkle in the Spotlight Contest sponsored by Rhinestones Unlimited.  


Initial Design Meeting:

Our best competition designs always start with an initial design meeting.  This is an opportunity to share concepts, music, levels, and budget.  During this process, sketches, colors, and fabric choices are explored.  This can be done in person, via email, or over the phone.  At this time, we can provide a rough estimate of the basic design.  Although embellishments are important to the finished look, they can be discussed, but will not be decided until the end of the process.

Custom Fitting Appointment:

A “rough draft” of the final sketch will be crafted in fabrics of your choice.  A superior fit is always our goal, and the garment will be expertly fitted to each individual.  At this time, careful evaluations of the original concept are made.  The details have not been finished, and it is the perfect opportunity to make adjustments to the desired concept.

1500X1500 Freida B-3.png
1500X1500 Freida B-2.png


No custom creation is complete without a little sparkle.  Swarovski crystals, beaded appliques, lace, feathers, silk flowers, and hand painting can be used to customize your look.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the initial design meeting to your requested delivery date. 


Please keep in mind that every reasonable effort will be made to comply with this timeframe. 

There are occasionally circumstances beyond everyone’s control that may require some consideration.


Freida B* will create your idea or ours, or anything in between.

Custom Designs

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