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Store Policies


Returns will be accepted on ready to wear dresses with in 30 days of purchase.

Items must not be worn and tags must be in-tact. 


Returns on special orders or custom dresses will not be accepted.


Freida B* stocks freestyle dresses, ice dance dresses, fleece apparel, and “Basic Frillz for Basic Skillz” dresses and skirts.  “Basic Frillz for Basic Skillz” is our line of dresses and skirts permanently reduced by 50%.  These items are perfect for the beginner skater.  Freida B* will select items from our Showroom to send to your store.  You may request as much or as little from any of the above-mentioned items to carry in your store.  You may make requests for certain items and sizes based on what you think might sell best for your customers.  It is recommended that the merchandise gets changed up every two months so that your customers are seeing fresh items as often as possible.  Freida B* requires a credit card number to be kept on file to ensure the return of our merchandise.  An inventory will be taken and an invoice will be sent to your company for all items not returned.  Please remember that your company is responsible to pay for all items not returned.  It is a good idea to check-in the merchandise once you receive it, to make sure that all items are accounted for.  The invoice must be paid in full before a new batch of dresses are sent.

payment methods

~ Credit / Debit Cards ~ Checks ~ PAYPAL ~ Cash ~

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